Top Front Spaces & Gaps

A Diastema is a gap or space between two teeth. It appears most frequently between the two top front teeth where it is called a maxillary midline diastema (MMD), and it a reason many people seek orthodontic treatment. It is important to determine WHY the space exists to determine the best way to treat it. Below are three common examples.

  1. MMD because top teeth are too far forward. Treatment - Pull them back and the space closes.
  2. MMD because teeth are smaller than usual. Treatment - Redistribute space with invisalign or braces and have restorative dentist fill in the "new" gaps for better proportion and harmony.
  3. Spacing develops in adulthood/middle age. I often hear: "Doc, I never had this space before..." Changes in periodontal support, loss of posterior teeth or changes in occlusion can all lead to gaps in the front teeth. Treatment is aimed to undo those changes and stabilize with retention.