Orthodontic/Surgical Treatment

We can make amazing improvements esthetically and functionally with orthodontic treatment alone; however, approximately 1-5% of the patients we see have jaw alignment issues that cannot be addressed by orthodontics alone. These cases require the jaws to be surgically repositioned in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. If the jaws aren’t lined up correctly, the teeth will never line up correctly as well. It takes a special team to make this happen and we are proud to work with outstanding surgeons on many of these cases.

How does it work?

Typically, we (the orthodontists) move the teeth to decompensate the dentition; that is, we line up the top and bottom teeth such that they will fit together AFTER the surgeon moves the jaw(s). Often times we intentionally make the bite worse so that the surgeon can make it better. It is exactly like the old saying: “ we’ve got to take one step backwards, before we can take two steps forward”.

Braces or Invisalign

We are proud to be on the leading edge of technology and treatment, and we treat many surgical cases using Invisalign for the pre-surgical orthodontics. Conventionally, orthodontists use braces because it is what the they and the surgeons are trained in; however, we’ve assembled a team of surgeons who’ve embraced our new technology. This is advantageous for kids away at college as well as working and busy adults, and we are very proud to be offering this service. Interestingly, our method and technique has led to increased case acceptance by this population of patients. Don’t hesitate to call to set up a free consultation for more information.