Orthodontics and Missing Teeth

Lower back teeth and upper front teeth are the most commonly congenitally missing teeth - every day in our practice we see patients who are born without a particular tooth or teeth. Furthermore, the top front teeth are most susceptible to trauma and therefore knocked out or broken beyond repair. If you or your child is missing a tooth or teeth for any reason,  multidisciplinary treatment by an orthodontist, restorative dentist and either periodontist or oral sugeon is the state of the art treatment.

Braces (and sometimes Invisalign) are used to position the remaining teeth optimally  to create the ideal space to replace the missing teeth.  At the end of orthodontic treatment, usually a restorative dentist will place a removable "flipper" with a tooth on it for the short term.  More commonly  a Maryland bridge is placed for the intermediate term during adolescent growth and development (see photos), and finally an implant is placed for permanent replacement (age 18-21).