Accelerated Orthodontics

AcceleDent Aura
Many adults rule out straightening their teeth due to the fact that they don't want to wear "braces" for 2 "years". Using Invisalign, an adult case which averages 12 months can be reduced to as little as 6 months using accelerated treatment technology.

Acceledent, an FDA cleared class II medical device, is clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster with just 20 minutes of use per day. Simple to use, it not only moves teeth faster but also reduces orthodontic tooth discomfort.

Our patients typically desire accelerated orthodontic treatment when they have a marquee event in the near future such as a wedding, vacation, career change, family planning or other significant occasion.

Alternatively, they have a complex treatment plan involving multidisciplinary treatment with a restorative dentist and periodontist that requires preliminary orthodontics to set up the case. For these complicated and long cases, saving up to 9 months of treatment time is of paramount importance. Our coordination and communication with your restorative dentist and other specialists is second to none, and allows us to provide you with the best possible treatment in the shortest possible time frame.

AcceleDent Aura

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