Meet Dr. Christian J. Meyer

I am a 1990 cum laude graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara where I received a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology - remarkable considering this was accomplished in the midst of beautiful weather, waiting tables, captaining the lightweight varsity crew, and surfing. I came out east in 1990 to attend the Harvard School of Dental Medicine where I graduated magna cum laude (1995) (ranked #2 out of 18 graduates), and received numerous awards and admission into several dental societies. For my orthodontic residency at Harvard, I was one of 12 individuals nationwide awarded the National Institute of Health Dentist Scientist Award. This was the most prestigious grant for dentists in the United States, and it funded my orthodontic residency as well as my second doctoral degree in cell biology at Children’s hospital in Boston. Under the direction of Donald Ingber MD, Ph.D, I discovered how mechanical forces were detected by individual cells and translated step by step into gene expression. My findings have been published in the highest level scientific journals such as Nature 1,2 , and my body of work advanced scientific views on the effect of mechanical forces on cells and tissues, an area directly related to clinical orthodontics. I completed my orthodontic residency training at Harvard in 1999 where I graduated #1 in my class, having received the two most prestigious awards the Harvard department of orthodontics bestowed – The George Cadman award for clinical proficiency AND the Conraad Moorrees award for outstanding research. To this day I am only one of two individuals to receive both awards in Harvard’s long and proud orthodontic history! .

In 1998 I presented my research findings at several scientific conferences, and was offered tenure-track positions at two dental schools on the spot, and a third came later. To make a long story short, I chose private practice over an academic career of teaching, research and clinical practice, simply because I didn’t think it was possible for me to achieve the highest level of excellence in all three areas in the changing environment of academics. Since October 1999, I have been practicing orthodontics in a large multidisciplinary dental group in Winchester, MA. For nearly 15 years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving thousands of families in Winchester, Woburn, Burlington, Lexington and Arlington as well as throughout Middlesex county. Although it may have been great to be a chairman of an orthodontic department, I can’t imagine life without the relationships that have developed with my patients and their families, not to mention the thousands of smiles we’ve created! While it was a great 15 years in the group setting, my new solo orthodontic office in Woburn gives me a better opportunity to serve patients and their families in an individualized and customized way.

Serving Woburn, Winchester, Lexington, Burlington, Arlington and surrounding towns.

Meyer Family Fishing My number one activity is spending time with my wife and 2 daughters, preferably outside. As our girls grow, we spend increasingly more time enjoying their activities. Woodworking keeps me busy in the winter – I recently completed the construction and installation of my home’s cabinets. It only took 7 years. Don’t worry I still have all my fingers! Saltwater fishing is another of my favorite activities – from cod and mackerel to striped bass and giant bluefin tuna. I am a year-round outdoor griller, and love to celebrate the catch of the day with family and friends. My reading interests include revolutionary war era history, the founding fathers of our country, maritime/fishing/atlantic history, and a good fictional book. I am a big fan of the Patriots, RedSox, and Bruins!